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Special:UploadCampaigns and Special:UploadCampaign contents are hidden from people without editing rights
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Campaign info should still be visible even if you don't have editing rights for them. This makes it hard to find the campaign info for Wiki Loves Monuments stuff at the moment...

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Note bug 36915 for adding an API method for fetching this data; that'll help for our WLM app but it'd still be nice to make things visible for regular people.

*** Bug 38341 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

This does not seem to work too well:

To be fair the summary did say Special:UploadCampaigns, but it should include Special:UploadCampaign as well...

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I1f65a4bb6eadc0696b8aa8c3b4e8972b299b8db8)

I have submitted a change but there are problems to resolve.

The change causes the form to be displayed to all users with all attributes disabled and no submit/cancel button (I guess that was expected?)

However, this could lead into confusion for some users if we don't display the 'You don't have permissions' warning, which we can't display simultaneously by use of Exceptions. So maybe try another way to display this?

I would like to change the "You are modifying an Upload Wizard campaign." text to "You are viewing an Upload Wizard campaign but you cannot modify it.", however the message key is enforced by FormSpecialPage::getForm to effectively be:
strlower( $this->getName() ) . '-text'.

I think we'll have to do this:

$wgHooks['SpecialUploadCampaignBeforeFormDisplay'][] = function ( &$form ) {

$form->setHeaderText( wfMessage( 'uploadcampaign-text-readonly' )->parseAsBlock() );
return true;


Um, with a permissions check in there as well of course.

I never saw "You are modifying an Upload Wizard campaign." It should definitely be outside the fieldset and also bold. Bad design

Using preText() now, looks much more sane

Change 70027 abandoned by Yuvipanda:
Show a disabled form for users without permissions.

Campaign: namespace has been merged now, and users can see the campaigns without restriction now.

With the new 'Campaign:' namespace, anyone can view them.

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