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Please setup Collection extension on Telugu Wikipedia
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Author: arjunaraoc

Please setup Collection extension to Telugu Wikipedia
Extension link:

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local discussion, consensus? please give a link.

arjunaraoc wrote:

I did not think you need the link, as it is installed on Telugu Wikibooks already and does not cause any problem to current usage. I will initiate discussion and update in a week.

arjunaraoc wrote:

Waiting for response.

Hello Arjuna,

You might be interested in setting this with ODF in the configuration instead of PDF since its buggy. See bug 37207

(In reply to comment #5)

See bug 37207

Oops I intended to point bug 37154

arjunaraoc wrote:

Thanks Srikanth: Telugu Wikibooks has ODT format enabled. I request the same setup for Telugu Wikipedia.