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malfunction of udp2log log rotation on deployment-dbdump
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When udp2log logs in /home/wikipedia/logs are rotated, they seems to just be moved to the archives dir and are not compressed. End result is that logs are still appended to the same inode, aka directly in archive directory.

Need to find out why file is not compressed

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There was an issue with /home/wikipedia/logs belonging to the wrong users, that might have confused log rotate too.

I have not seen that behavior today, so closing as worksforme.

Reopening. The issue appeared again!

Files in /home/wikipedia/logs were having a 0 size and time at 06:48.
Log files suffixed with '20120524' and moved in the archive directory did receive the logs though.

Thus, there is a big issue with our log rotate script that need to be solved.

Server is deployment-feed

on dbdump, deleted /etc/logrotate.d/mw-udp2log . Most probably in conflict with the one from deployment-feed which host the udp2log process. That is most probably a race condition between the two hosts. We will see how it works out tomorrow :-]

udp2log needs to be moved to own instance soon

I have factored out some puppet class to create the new role::logging::mediawiki and applied it to the deployment-dbdump instance. So it is out of feed now :-]

dbdump write directly to /home/wikipedia/logs/ files