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JavaScript should not fail silently
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Quoth User:Tom Morris at

"It would be quite nice if the JavaScript for 'mark this page as reviewed' could fail in a non-silent way. I do a lot of editing on the train, where I have a very spotty 3G connection. I quite like doing new page patrolling on the train as I can open 10 or 20 tabs when the connection is working. The problem is, like a lot of Ajax controls, it fails silently.

If I mark something as patrolled, I don't actually mind if it tries repeatedly until it gets through. Usually, I will have moved to the next tab and started reading that.This is a definite problem with alot of web apps: having spent 15 years being trained by the web to expect synchronous communication mediated through the UI of the browser, when the behaviour of the page differs from that of the browser, I get extremely frustrated. Ajax controls often fail unpredictably or silently or report success when actually failing. This is all rather confusing.

That said, I think the new interface is a big improvement. Being able to filter and patrol the new users and blocked users so on is a big improvement. "

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