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Article Feedback CTA 5 - View feedback
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We are developing a special CTA5 to drive traffic to the feedback page for AFT Metrics Study 4, which is designed to measure usage of the feedback page. This CTA5 may also be used after that study, in rotation with CTA1, CTA2 and/or CTA4.

The specification for this 'CTA5: View Feedback' are posted on our feature requirements page:

This new call to action will work much like CTA 1 or CTA 2 -- except that the big blue button will link to the feedback page for this article. Also, the first line will include a link to the permalink page for the feedback that was just posted by the user.

Here is the text copy for this new CTA 5:

"Thanks! Your feedback has been <posted here>. [go to permalink page for the user's last post]

See what others are saying about this article.
Then let us know what you think.

[ View feedback ]" [link to feedback page for this article]

Our goal is to display this new CTA5 for a 2-week test period, to get more users to participate on the feedback page, so we can observe which tools they use.

See our Metrics Stage 4 plan here:

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Screenshot of Article Feedback CTA5

This CTA5 can be tested on prototype at this URL:

(First post some feedback, then you will get the CTA5.


I was able to test the CTA5 on prototype today, at this URL:

It generally works as intended, and links to the correct locations. However, CTA5 is still not the default on prototype, which it should be, as soon as you post feedback. So that part still has to be fixed, with OmniTI's help.

Core on Gerrit:
Has been approved already, just needs to be "activated" -