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Incognito/Private mode does not display recent feedback posts
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Seen in Chrome in 'incognito' mode and Safari in 'private' mode:

should show recent posts but does not. Last displayed feedback is from '1 month ago' showing "More audio and video would be great" and more recent feedback exists.

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It's there if you click 'Show more posts'.

The problem seems to be with the item ordering.
It starts expanding 1 week ago, then there's a 1 month ago, 2 weeks, 1 hour, 4 months, 2 weeks... I don't see a pattern, they're completely unsorted.

I cannot reproduce, fwiw. But maybe my chrome is too old.

update: it seems that default sort order upon viewing the feedback page the first time may be either random or newest-first. The random view is confusing.

Thanks, guys.

By default, the feedback page is filtered by relevance for readers and logged out users, with the most relevant posts shown first. The intent is to show a filtered view of the page that includes comments that were found as helpful or featured by an editor -- and that excludes comments that were flagged as abuse or hidden by an editor.

Here's how the Relevance filter works:

If you are logged in as an editor, however, the feedback page is filtered to show 'All comments', with the most recent posts shown first.

You can manually switch between 'Most Relevant' and 'All comments' filters to change these views -- or you can click on 'More filters' to filter the page in other ways. You can also sort any filtered view by relevance, date or helpfulness, if you like.

You can read about about this here on our feature requirements page:

After checking these requirements, could you please let us know if you still see a bug on your end?

I want to make sure to separate bugs from feature requests at this point.

Thanks again,


random only seems random, it is by relevance. thanks for the update!