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AFT "Hide" status does not track "Oversight" status
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Click "Oversight" on any post, add a note, click "Oversight this post"

click "View contents" on oversighted post

Note Oversight/Hide links now say "Un-oversight" and "Unhide this post"

Click Un-oversight, add a note, click "Un-oversight this post"

Oversight link status returns to "Oversight" but "Hide" status incorrectly remains "Unhide this post". Clicking "Unhide this post" returns Hide status to correct value but has no effect on the post itself.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Chris, thanks for submitting this bug!

The behavior you describe is what we now have in the requirements:

We do not want to automatically 'Un-hide' a post when we 'Un-oversight' it, because it is likely to have some issues to begin with.

So we want the oversighter to make the determination as to whether the post should be un-hidden as well.

(in the future, be sure to add this keyword to the AFT5 bugs you post on Bugzilla, so we can track them for this phase: aftv5-1.5)

Thanks again!