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Make it possible to create a message group for message keys of a banner
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As a user with right "centralnotice-admin", I can indicate that translatable strings for a central notice are made a message group in the Translate extension (analogous to translation of workflow states) so that copy/paste for translators is no longer needed.

Brief acceptance criteria:

  1. Honor "Languages" set (as forced priority languages).
  2. Simply use a checkbox in CN: "Use Translate extension" when there is content for all message keys in the banner definition. (step 3a).

Hook example: wfRunHooks( 'TranslatePostInitGroups', array( &$wgTranslateCC, &$deps, &$autoload ) );

Version: master
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:24 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz37141.
siebrand created this task.May 27 2012, 2:07 PM

"1. Honor "Languages" set (as forced priority languages)."

Can you elaborate on this a bit. I'm not sure what it means.

I think Ryan Kaldari implemented this completely last week. Ryan, can you please check and close if done, or not what would need doing.

This is done except for acceptance criteria #2. We should add a checkbox in the banner interface that activates use of the Translate extension. We obviously don't want to create message groups for every single banner, as this would quickly overrun the system. Unfortunately, this requires a minor schema change (to store the setting for the banner).

mwalker wrote:

There is already a need for a minor schema change with the patch I made for priority languages. However, what I'm wondering though is what if we always created the groups but by default always set the priority language only to the creating users default language?

Right now of course we can easily add the switch, but I'm imagining that, as our usage of translate in CN becomes more feature rich, maintaining easy switching between the two methods will become a nightmare.

Siebrand, can you comment on what the major disadvantages would be to always having the banner create message groups?

mwalker wrote:

I'm pretty sure this was done... I'll mark it as fixed but feel free to reopen if I've missed something in here.