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Page-top tabs and personal menus may overlap in the Vector skin
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Screenshot of Vector skin, where topmost two menues overlap

See attached screen shot, the topmost two menues overlap, and one partially obscures the other.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


twn-L5S0.png (111×873 px, 16 KB)



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Though it looks like issue with Vector, is it possible because that css rules for line height specific to language is missing?

This only happens when you have too many personal links to fit in one line.

Still, worth fixing up a little:
. Of course this will break down again when you reach the third line, as the text content of personal menu and tabs itself will start overlapping.

Patch merged.

I'll mark this bug as fixed. It's not really possible to fix the personal menu if it would span three or more lines, as the tabs are absolutely positioned and would have to be moved down regardless of the size of personal menu, which would be ugly (too much empty space) for everyone whose personal menu is of more reasonable size.