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Beta cluster pulls bits and pieces from production's
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The beta cluster is using bits and pieces from the production cluster. Please create a beta-centered so that images like the search icon and "Powered by MediaWiki" icon would not display 404 errors when loading wikis in the beta cluster.

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I'm bumping this up in priority (was about to make a new bug). This also appears to be causing 404s for things such as jquery, wikibits, ajax etc which is making it hard to truly test things. The easiest way to see everything missing is with ?debug=true on.

I made a new bug I just didn't know your e-mail

We have a machine deployment-cache-bits for that, but it doesn't seem to be running a web server. No, I'm not allowed to reconfigure it.

*** Bug 37881 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

We already have a squid instance to handle bits request to or something similar. We need the apache configuration from production to be copied, modified and applied on beta. varnish configuration for (already deployed) creates the static docroot for php-master makes 'beta' uses

part of works. Still need to fix some paths on the server but the result is a bit better now.

after much awoke and my lameness, this is indeed fixed by gerrit change #13932