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Article Feedback - CTA 5 Tweaks
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We'd like to make a couple minor tweaks to CTA5 for next week's deployment.

  1. New copy:

The new copy is shown in the attached mockup and includes:

'√ Thanks! Your feedback has been <posted here>.

See what others are saying

View suggestions from other readers like you.
Can you help pick the best ideas?

[ See all comments ] '

The current copy is confusing, and this new copy is intended to clarify how the user can see more comments, and why.

  1. Shorter URL:

The other change I propose for this deployment is to shorten the URL that is used when the user clicks on the blue 'See all comments' button in CTA5, so it matches the standard short URL for our feedback page:

… instead of this longer URL, which is generated by the CTA5 button:

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See also related Bugzilla ticket, with a final spec for the bucketing and click tracking of Metrics test 5:

Bug 37287 - Metrics Stage 5 Test: Bucketing and click tracking