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Special pages for sysops and bureaucrats not accessible
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Author: Michael.Keppler

When checking for admin rights most places of the code compare the users rights
for the "sysop" flag. But several other places check for a flag called
"siteadmin" instead. With current HEAD code this leads to the situation that the
installer gives "sysop" to the first admin, but that admin can't do anything on
the special pages cause special pages check for "siteadmin" (via
$wgAvailableRights in Define.php).
Also bureaucrats can't access their special pages as the "bureaucrat" flag is
missing in $wgAvailableRights too.

Maybe "hashar" can bring some light into that problem as he changed the user
rights implementation at 2004-10-24 in User.php and Defines.php.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: major



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The siteadmin actions are:

  • Special:Debug -- deprecated and no longer accessible at all. File apparently was not removed by accident.
  • Special:Lockdb, Special:Unlockdb -- generally require special setup to configure a writable lock file, and not really recommended for

general usage.

These wouldn't be expected to work on a stock install anyway.