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Article Feedback Forms - Links to Help/FAQs
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On both feedback forms (the current Option 1 and the new Option 6 form), the help links need to be different, based on your user rights. These are the links that you get when you click on the question mark icon in Option 1 -- or on 'What's this?' in Option 6 -- then click on 'Learn more' in the flyout panel. (This also relates to the Help button at the top of the feedback page, which should function in the same way.)

These 'Learn more >' links are supposed to be context-sensitive, so that you get a different link if you are a reader, editor, monitor or oversighter, as shown below:

  • Feedback page help for Readers

  • Feedback page help for Editors

  • Feedback page help for Monitors

  • Feedback page help for Oversighters

These links seem to be incorrect for Option 1 on prototype, where 'Learn more' now takes you to the Editor version of the FAQ, even if you are logged out. This should be fixed prior to the next deployment.

Also, please check that all links work as intended on the Option 6 form (which I haven't been able to test on prototype lately -- could we have a URL for that form on prototype, so we can test it directly?), as well as on the Help link at the top of the feedback page.

Oliver and I will be fleshing out these help/FAQ pages in coming days, but wanted to make sure that we have a general framework in place right away, now that we are making the feedback page more visible. Also note that we will no longer be linking to a general FAQ/help page (now at, but use the 4 pages above for all help-related links.

In coming days, we will create shorter URLs for these 4 pages (removing the 'Feedback_page_' prefix, since these pages will now be about both feedback forms and feedback pages). At that point, we will want to update these new URLs in code. But the current URLs listed above will do for now, as a temporary solution.

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Let's shorten the URLs even more, based on Chris McMahon's suggestion:

  • Article Feedback Help for Readers

  • Article Feedback Help for Editors

  • Article Feedback Help for Monitors

  • Article Feedback Help for Oversighters

This would then allow us to add an anchor name (such as #Feedback_page), and still have URLs that are short enough to tweet or email, as so:

Oliver will move the relevant FAQ pages over to these URLs before deployment, so let's use these shorter URLs right away.

I apologize, I made a mistake in the the first help link for readers above, which should not have included a '/' at the end.

The correct link should be:

  • Article Feedback Help for Readers

(MediaWiki doesn't parse out '/' characters, so we get an error page when linking to that page.

Sorry for making that mistake. Can we make that fix before tomorrow's deployment?

Thanks, Fabrice

I am still finding issues when I click on "What's this", then "Learn More" in the new option 6 form.

Even though I am an oversighter (and an editor), it takes me to the generic help for readers.

Thanks, Fabrice

Ok - I think I finally got it figured out (; it seems to have something to do with caching again. The variable values are now being pushed to the page output instead, which should make sure that the values are always right.
Anyway, since I was only able to reproduce this issue on, we should keep a close eye on this once we deploy it, to see if this actually solved the problem.