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Upload Wizard progress meter/bar frequently shows "Finished" while uploads still in progress
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The upload progress bar appears to have regressed recently; it frequently displays "Finished" while uploads are still in progress.

We should use PHP's upload_progress information once we upgrade to 5.4 ( ), but we should also investigate fixing recent regressions.

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I still see "Finished" being displayed before the progress bar has reached 100% on (MediaWiki 1.21wmf2 (8efde44)) when uploading a ~500kB image file.
Firefox 16.0.1 on Fedora 16 on wired WMF SF office network.

*** Bug 43007 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Merged, but this bug doesn't appear to have been fixed yet.

Change 54127 abandoned by Nischayn22:
GroupProgressBar: Only show status "finished" once

Sorry, no longer have time for this :(

I think this was fixed recently, with

Marking as closed.

I don't know if this fix is deployed, but if it is, it is not fixed, it happened to me today.

Created attachment 16428
Fake finish by upload wizard


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