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Author: ew-nospam

Another one for Wiki Loves Monuments!

In addition to the existing field "idField0" which - mainly - allows entering a unique monuments ID, several countries would need a second configurable field to add additional data, e.g. a geographic sublevel (district, state, municipality) because the respective countries do not have national unique identifiers.

A perfect solution would be a dropdown/select that could be filled from a page in MW namespace, and had 2 $1 $2 values (option value, option text).



This could be handled in the campaign configuration via {{foo|$1|$2}} or sth. similar.

If a dropdown like described above is too complicated, a simple text field as we have with idField0 would be already a help.

Thx for considering this request.


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ew-nospam wrote:

Addendum: the drop down request should work with the pre-filling by parameters (see

Hi, Elke! This is on my list of things to do, but my database is currently not set up for campaigns for some reason, and I can't find any guidance in the normal places. Jeroen is my next best hope for help, but there appears to be no response as yet. I'll let you know when I make progress.

ew-nospam wrote:

Hi Mark, I talked with Jeroen this weekend about this bug, so I'm optimistic you'll find a solution :-)

Right, here you go:

This is _a_ solution, it should be noted, but certainly not the best one. I'll be looking for a better way to do this in the very near future, but in case this is a pressing issue, this is your fix.

So, clearly I never came back to this, but again, it's at least one solution. I'd prefer to have some JavaScript that creates and deletes fieldsets for these fields, but for now, this will work.

Future: Make it less nasty and repetitive.

This is now deployed, marking as fixed. The field should only be shown in the wizard when it's configured for a campaign.

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