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Firefox missing status controls
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showing Chrome vs. FF missing controls

Firefox missing Feature/Hide/Oversight controls on right of page.

Screen shot is Chrome on one side, FF on the other

Version: master
Severity: normal




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Thanks, Chris.

Is it at all possible that you may have not been logged in for one of the browsers in your comparative test?

Or that you logged in under a different user name that doesn't have auto-confirmed editor status?

I was unable to reproduce this issue when I logged in on all my browsers with auto-confirmed editor status.

It is expected that no tools will be shown on the right sidebar to readers and logged out users, as described on this feature requirements page:

If you can still reproduce this issue, can you please post screenshots showing your user name at the top, as well as the URL? The screenshots should show the same user name for the same URL, to illustrate the severity of this issue.

FF was not logged in. Actually, I'm glad to know this works.