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FF has wrong AFT UI?
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I see a consistent difference in Chrome vs. Firefox on the AFT input form at

See screen shots. Chrome on the left, FF on the right.

inconsistent_ui1 shows before clicking, inconsistent_ui2 show after clicking "No" in FF

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second view

showing further detail of unexpected UI in FF


Thanks, Chris!

What you are experiencing here is completely expected as part of the Metrics test 5 we just launched today, as outlined in this Bugzilla ticket:

We are in the process of doing an A/B test between what we call Option 1 (the original feedback form) and Option 6 (the new feedback form we just launched today). The bucketing between these options is 50% - 50%, so it is perfectly normal for you to see these different forms on different browsers.

We are trying to measure volume, quality and user satisfaction for these two forms, to determine which one to deploy more widely.

So unless you see other issues beyond the differences between these two forms, I think we should close down this ticket, or lower its priority.

Much appreciated!


If this is switching is per-session, then what I saw makes sense. I thought it was per page view, in which case I was concerned that multiple reloads of the page always yielded the same feedback form. (Thus the "?" in the title.)