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[SMW] [ROADMAP] [OPEN] Replace #info pop-up code
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This request is used to track the roadmap point "Replace #info pop-up code"


The current JavaScript used for pop-ups in SMW, such as these used by #info, is far from ideal. It makes use of deprecated MediaWiki JS, which will probably be removed around 1.20, and the pop-ups have a fixed size and do not adapt to their content. This can be done better using some jQuery plugin or so. '''[independent]'''




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MW 1.18/1.19 deploys a standard tooltip solution jQuery.tipsy (see [2]])

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In case tipsy does not provide enough flexibility, an alternative could be a hovercard ([1], [2]).



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I think tipsy is good for some simple display of static information but in case of interactivity qtip2 might be a better choice.

qtip2 supports speech bubble tips, imagemap support, content loading via Ajax (see [1]), and is MIT/GPLv2 licensed.


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