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Nepali Wikipedia,Wikibooks and Wiktionary has a pdf rendering component which does not function for Devnagari Scripts
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It is known that PDF rendering for complex scripts is buggy / yet to be
implemented properly.See bug 28206. Tamil WikiSource, Wikinews, Wikibooks
currently use Collection extension and has the default link on the portlet as
PDF only. Since PDF is buggy, please modify the configuration to display ODT
for Nepali wiki projects on the portlet instead of PDF. Community concensus for
installing on Tamil Wikipedia(another bug will be filed soon for it) is going
on (see URL) and the need to change wikinews was brought up there. I am putting
down the possible config changes required as I was not sure of the usage
between $wmg and $wg. I am also assuming the mw-render has odf as one of the
available output formats.

$wgCollectionPortletFormats = array(

'default' => array(
'newikibooks' => array(
#'rl' for future use after bug 28206
'newiktionary' =>array(
#'rl' for future use after bug 28206


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Severity: enhancement



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This is an issue for Nepali Wiki similar to that of Bug #37154 ..

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Reedy added a comment.Jun 25 2012, 9:09 PM

Sorry, I don't quite follow what is being requested...