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Make (FundraiserLandingPage) detect the browser language (in addition to the country)
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Currently, when going to, the FundraiserLandingPage extension (using the FundraiserRedirector file) detects the country and redirects to Special:Special:FundraiserLandingPage&country=BE

It would be much better if it also detects the browser language so the landing page is localised (i.e. Special:Special:FundraiserLandingPage&country=BE&uselang=nl).


Btw, I put this under Wikimedia - Fundraising, since the extension wasn't listed under MediaWiki extension.

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Severity: enhancement



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pgehres wrote:

Thanks. This would be a good improvement to FundraiserRedirector. I have added it to the Fundraising Tech team's backlog as Card #467