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Change the bot code so that it's possible to create #*.wmflabs channels too
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It's needed to configure the RC bot so that it's possible to create wmflabs channels for various wmflabs projects

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It would be ideal if it was in puppet so that I can do it myself

Any idea where the bot code is ? :-D I have honestly no idea how it is relayed on :-/;a=blob;f=manifests/misc-servers.pp;hb=07d1c96e4c1f229699bc360f1afa4002b680dfae#l447

You probably want to start with misc::mediawiki-irc-relay or misc::irc-server.

Any idea why and ircd.conf need to be in private?

Of course this doesn't need ops for puppetizing. Just get someone from ops to fetch those files and replace sensitive bits with placeholders and publish them somewhere (gerrit or BZ attachment or whatever) and then someone else can pick up from there.

jeremyb, Petr: Could somebody update this request, please?

It looks like the IRC bots have been puppetized already in the meantime in;a=commit;h=9200c483e54f9339e6a68f3b928d9191a175a68a , which resulted in;a=blob;f=manifests/misc/irc.pp;h=d6173d6cf1cace811883a9107638364236a11192;hb=HEAD ?

Is if the dot naming scheme is still applied nowadays (are there guidelines for channel names somewhere)?
Plus if this still requires some puppetizing work first, that should be a separate bug report with the ops keyword, not this one.

Blocked by RT #4968 (puppetize ircd server), but this report itself does not require ops, hence removing keyword.

any update or progress on this case?
I have a user on beta.wmflabs asking for this feature.

ok, I now found bug 60013 and bug 56758, the latter let me assume that it is not fixed and for the first one this bug would resolve fix that one? (or that this bug is fixed, but not working as intended)

I'm bold and resolve fixing this bug, as it seems to be already possible by setting $wmgRC2UDPPrefix (and the RCfeed uri) to the channel name (search in CommonSettings.php for $wmgUseRC2UDP).

bug 60013 comment 0 indicates that it also worked for beta (#en.wikipedia.beta.wmflabs) by the fact that the bot created the channel and was present in it.