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Relevance ordering showing an irrelevant comment first
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Author: sumanah


I posted and it is showing up at the top of the feedback page as sorted by "highest relevance" even though it's pretty irrelevant compared to, for example, "Usage of algebra in day to day life.Please add this its an important topic for school children." or other pieces of feedback on that page.

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Thanks, Sumana, good catch!

There appears to be a bug with this post:

I do not understand why it has a relevance of 3, since nobody found it helpful.

This could be an artifact of previous experiments, and maybe should be zeroed out, since there is no obvious reason why its helpfulness seems so high.

We need to investigate why this post's relevance was set to 3 when there is no activity for it and no helpful marks (for now, I gave it an 'not helpful' and featured a couple items, so the page's relevance looks more credible - this is something we would expect article editors to do as part of their feedback monitoring).

At the time of this bug report, not all actions were being logged, which makes it kind of hard to backtrack this specific incident.
However, there have been a couple of relevance-score related issues which have been dealt with lately (like 38821, 36865, 40537), which may very well have solved this problem.
I'm considering this fixed until another such issue comes along (which we can then look into deeper)