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Add step-backwards from "thanks" with file errors to "describe" to allow changes if necessary
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Rather than just stopping and offering "retry" as the only option, errors on the final step should probably give the user the option to go backwards and add in the right filename, change the description, and so on. This is necessary especially because we may soon be finishing the description, etc., _before_ the stash upload finishes, so any errors from both upload attempts would need to be shown on the description page. The fix for bug 32247 already allows removal of the file from "describe" (so if it's a duplicate error, the file can be removed easily), so any error could feasibly be fixed, or at least worked around, with the addition of this backwards mobility.

Note that I still don't think backwards navigation makes sense in any other case, because other data would not need to be changed based on the server's input.

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OK, as it turns out, this capability exists! The only thing was, for unknown and duplicate errors, we weren't calling the right methods.

Patch. Patch need review.

Correction: Patch. Patch in Gerrit.

As the referenced gerrit patch is merged, I assume this bug can be closed?

Also, this bug seems to be about the same or at last very related to bug 29594, but well.

Twice no feedback => Assuming this is FIXED as per merged Gerrit patch.

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