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migrate subversion path /trunk/debs/wikimedia-job-runner to git
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migrate subversion path /trunk/debs/wikimedia-job-runner to git


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Short way:

  • git svn clone
  • do some git filter branch to fix username
  • create repo in Gerrit (be careful!!!)
  • alter Gerrit user rights to allow force push
  • force push change
  • restore Gerrit user rights

I know Mark hasn't been caring about importing existing history for the other debs--should we bother here?

Well I use "git svn clone" and then some "git filter-branch" script to fix user and emails. I get the repo on my laptop ready to be pushed.

To create the Gerrit project I did:

$ gerrit create-project --owner Administrators --parent operations/debs operations/debs/wikimedia-job-runner

So that should work -:-D but now I am blocked since I am not a member of the Administrators group :-]

Chad gave me additional rights on operations/debs/wikimedia-job-runner git repo in Gerrit. I have pushed the local copy.

Chad disabled the old subversion path.

Got my user rights removed.

Migration completed!

I have sent an email notification to ops-l