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Create Page: (Pagina:) and Index: namespaces for ProofreadPage in Dutch (nl.) Wikisource
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Author: lars

Really, why not do this for all languages of Wikisource?

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:26 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz37482.

Adding shellpolicy keyword.

[ For the nl. request ]

Could you add a link to the local consensus page?

I don't see anything on

[ For every wikisource comment ]

That would need a consensus across all the wikisource projects to replicate your namespace pattern everywhere.

When you invoke proofreading reasons, I think "workflow", and workflow should ideally be chosen by each project.

Now, we can have best practices patterns, and you're free to create a "good working workflow patterns" in meta.

beau wrote:

I think ProofreadPage extension should configure the namespaces automatically - I have created bug 37483. If the project does not want to use this extension it should be simply disabled.

Okay, I see on the extension is now enabled in every wiki. Removed shellpolicy keyword.

Adding bug dependency, to solve this issue a more elegant way.

Bug dependency -> see also to avoid to block the deployment on nl. Adding shell keyword.

beau wrote:

Lars, please provide the translation for the following namespaces:

  • Page
  • Page talk
  • Index
  • Index talk

lars wrote:

I did already specify "Index:" and "Pagina:" in the title of the bug report. If you look at you will find several pages named like this already.!!

The pattern of existing namespaces suggests the talk namespaces should be "Overleg index" and "Overleg pagina".

Seriously, though, the namespace names in local languages should not be part of the bug report for local *configuration*, but of the extension *software*. Isn't it already in translatewiki?

This bug report for configuration of namespaces should never be needed, and no new consensus should be needed. The consensus is already established to enable the ProofreadPage on all languages of Wikisource. Problem is, it takes a lot of manual configuration and this has not been done. The WMF is to blame for not running this show properly. I don't speak Dutch, I'm no longer active in Wikisource, I just filed this bug report after the topic had been 5 days on en:Scriptorium and nobody had done anything.

Thank you to have finally provided more context, as I've to say we're not all seers and if I succeed my Divinity and farseeing 101 course, I failed the 201.

There are a lot of issues on the Wikimedia projects, and you can't expect any volunteer reading your bug report know all of them by heart.

About "The WMF is to blame for not running this show properly.". I'm sorry, but MediaWiki and the extensions are an open source software. It's so a shared responsibility, from all the community.

You can't blame the part of the community who support the project (here WMF) to do have all the responsibility on such a question.

ThomasV, the extension author, isn't employed by WMF but is a Wikisource contributor for many years. I'm not employed by WMF but am volunteer to sort new bugs and provide patches, when the issue is quicker to solve than to plan. You're not employed by WMF but are willing to act as relay between the nl.wikisource community and the development community. Each of us contribute to make Wikimedia projects a better world.

Taking his bug.

Change has been successfully merged into the git repository.

reopening till that is deployed

Reverted with

Does not use the correct global variable (Aliases instead of $wgExtraNamespace)

Change deployed!!

The namespace dupe script managed to fix all previously existing entries. Running it again:

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php nlwikisource
Looks good!

Namespaces show up in [[Special:Search]]