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Article Feedback 5 - Disable moderation tools for your own posts
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AFT5 Mockup: Can't Promote Your Posts

To discourage gaming, we would like to prevent users from promoting their own posts, by either marking them as helpful (or unhelpful), flagging them for abuse or featuring them.

This means that we would remove some actions that are normally available, when reviewing your own feedback.

To that end, we recommend the following changes to the user interface, as shown in the attached mockup:

  • Mark as helpful/unhelpful: display counters to replace the voting actions.
  • Flag as abuse: This would becomes a label to indicate whether others flagged your post as abuse (only shown if flagged), as so:

'2 users flagged this as abuse'

  • Feature this post: This feature would become grayed out for your own posts
  • In all 3 cases, we would display a tool tip when hovering over these labels, which would say:

'You cannot promote or review your own feedback.'

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Depends on/Duplicate of Bug 39818 ?

This one should've been closed a long time ago. This is now no longer possible.
The discussion in Bug 39818 is a follow-up on what has been implemented since.