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Enable Extension:GoogleNewsSitemap on elwikinews
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Author: brian.mcneil

elWN have now implemented a formal review process and, apparently, have all the requisite modules in-place to get listed in Google News.

The bugs related to this for enWN were: T32621, T22818, BZ20919 and T23919.

The first of these was, IIRC, the key one to resolve things for this. However, I recall seeing an issue a few months later with GNews spidering, and listing, articles not in the news feed in some circumstances. I ended up emailing someone at Google (don't ask who, those emails are on another machine ... somewhere).

Thus, once the Greek Wikinews config matches that of enWN, Google either need alerted to such via the Webmaster tools account, or someone needs to drop them a note saying we've another language edition now carrying out an independent pre-publication review process.

elWN could also do with a little help porting the EasyPeerReview gadget over from English Wikinews. If someone can help them with that, I'm sure they'd be most grateful.

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brian.mcneil wrote:

Can whoever resolves this add a bulleted list of the required work and modules, so we don't lose the knowledge required to resolve getting listed?

brian.mcneil wrote:

Since this seems to have gone nowhere, the following needs looked at with someone who can set up and/or access a Google Webmaster Tools Account for Greek Wikinews:

Whilst someone from the Greek Wikinews *could* input the initial submission for review, the News Sitemap extension (second step) must come from a Webmaster Tools account. The process will be speedier, better-completed, and - hopefully - documented for future use, if carried out by devs who could set up an appropriate email address for Webmaster tools.

Note to shell users (To make it a little more explicit what needs to be done):

Step 1) Enable GNSM extension on elwikinews. The specific config changes needed on elwikinews:
'wmgUseGoogleNewsSitemap' to true
'wmgGNSMfallbackCategory' => to 'Δημοσιευμένα'
'wmgGNSMcommentNamespace' to 102 (Technically enwikinews should also be 102, however this setting doesn't really matter)

Step 2) Submit elwikinews for inclusion. Somehow get a google webmaster tools account. [Note: Bastique was the person with access to the enwikinews one]. I believe this involves syncing a file to the root of the domain to prove you own the domain. From there you can use that to tell google about the news sitemap. Google help has more info on that.

Note to elwikinews people/Brianmc - This request is more likely to be processed if there is a link to community consensus on elwikinews requesting this extension be enabled and saying they want to be in google news.

To be totally honest, it would be nice if this extension was enabled on all wikinews editions. It contains features unrelated to google news in terms of making RSS feeds of last published articles that would be useful for any wikinews wiki.

^ Part 1...

I guess I have enough rights to do the docroot additions...

Reedy: ping - what's part 2 here?

Ping again, just found this in a list of stale site requests... what's the go?

Reedy: ping - what's part 2 here?

I wonder if Reedy was actually getting bugmail about this? He wasn't on the CC. I've added him and assigned him to this.

brian.mcneil wrote:

Part 2 is covered here:

This being, I believe, setting up a Google Webmaster tools account, and several of the bits and pieces linked-to from the above page.

What I don't know, but strongly suspect, is if the technical details in Step 1 actually need done on the TLD ( as-opposed to at the subdomain level.

If the Google Webmaster stuff is required/set up per-subdomain, then this would also need done for

As-stated earlier, please add notes on how the process is completed; Google's help is written for a 'basic' tech knowledge audience, and I'm sure it can be condensed to a bulleted checklist. had not been added as a site in Google Webmaster Tools yet.

i logged in with the noc@ account and added as a new site, then i added Reedy as a user to it with "Full" permissions, which is less than owner but more than 'restricted' user.

I didn't have to verify it, just had to add it, it seems that's because "" by itself was already verified and added, but nevertheless adding Reedy to that didn't have the effect to give him all subdomains.

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So the extension is enabled on el.wikinews since 04aa9ed6.

I'm adjusting wmgGNSMcommentNamespace per @Bawolff comment.

@Reedy Next step is you visit to add el.wikinews

Change 285927 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dereckson):
GoogleNewsSitemap configuration

Change 285927 merged by jenkins-bot:
GoogleNewsSitemap configuration

Mentioned in SAL [2016-04-29T00:03:50Z] <Dereckson> Previous deployment: [[Gerrit:285927]] GoogleNewsSitemap configuration (T39608)

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