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Feedback Form simplification
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Several changes are proposed to reduce the visual complexity of the Feedback Form:

  • Make the character counter appear only when there are 200 characters remaining or less.
  • For step 2, the title text has been replaced by "Great. Would you like to add anything else?" (positive case) and "Sorry about that. How can we make it better for you?" (negative case).
  • Placeholders are reduced to just one question: "How could this article be improved?" (positive case) and "Any suggestion for improvement?" (negative case)

An interactive prototype to illustrate the changes is available at

In addition, CTAs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, should share the same visual characteristics as this final forms (no gray borders, blue buttons left-aligned, etc.)

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Done. I had to make the form wider though, from 598px to 700px (or the negative title would push the "what's new" down). Other forms are now on 700px as well, for consistency.
It's on Gerrit ( and prototype (needs pull before it'll be visible)

It's been pulled on prototype so visible now there too

Can be tested on prototype at
Can you give us the percentages that should see this form vs another one? (or only this one?)

Thanks, Matthias.

Going forward, let's set the percentage for this new Option 6 form to 100%, with 0% for the old Option 1 form.

Howie made a request that when the user click on 'No', we change the copy a bit to be more closely related to the initial question we posed in step 1.

The proposed change for the step 2 screen that appears when you click 'No' would be as follows:

"Sorry about that. Any suggestion for improvement? [bold text on first line]

What were you looking for?" [gray text prompt inside the box]

Also, let's change the copy on the step 2 screen that appears when you click 'Yes', as follows:

"Great. Would you like to add a comment? [bold text on first line]

How could this article be improved?" [gray text prompt inside the box]


According to a talk with Fabrice, the remaining character counter can appear to the user when he has written more than 250 characters. Since only a small percentage of posts are longer than that, it won't distract users in most of the cases.

Note that the specific value for this threshold depends also on the total number of characters allowed. If the total number is 251 we don't want to tell the user in the last moment that he has 1 character remaining but earlier.

Pau: right now, 5000 total characters are allowed and the countdown only appears when there's only 200 characters left (so 4800 have been written)
Seems a bit early to start showing them the countdown at 250 already if there's still room for 4750 more characters.
Given the 5000-char limit, should I still make it visible after 250 already, or would you like to set another threshold?

I thought that the limit was about 500 characters, not 5000. So it makes no sense to move it too early.

We can move the threshold a bit (500 chars before the limit) so the user can have more room to complete his "essay" for the exceptional cases of really long posts. But with an average length of less than 300 characters and room for 5000, that does not make a big difference so leaving as it is know would work well too.