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Avoid modal behavior in "Improve this page" link at the toolbar
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Currently when clicking the "Improve this page" link from the toolbar, a modal overlay appears showing the article feedback in the middle of the screen.
This blocks the user flow of actions due to the modal behavior, and makes the form to be at two different places.

To avoid these problems, we can guide the user to the form at the bottom by scrolling to the bottom of the page and highlighting the form using the Yellow fade technique (background turns yellow and gradually becomes back to normal color as described in

This can be implemented by the JQuery highlight effect:

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Pushed to Gerrit ( & prototype

I'm assuming the overlay system can be completely removed? (

I noticed that clicking 'Improve this page' many times causes the AFT form at the bottom of the page to flash or pulse after the user has finished clicking the link many times quickly.

Updated on Gerrit & prototype