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Please create a Cookbook namespace at English Wikibooks
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Author: Tucci528

Please create a Cookbook namespace on the English Wikibooks project. If they
are not created automatically, it would also be nice to have special pages (e.g.
"Most wanted", "orphans", etc) available just within the Cookbook namespace.
Thank you, [[User:TUF-KAT]]

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Severity: minor



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en.ABCD wrote:

Making enhancement

kellen wrote:

Hi, What's the status on this? Lost in the queue? User:Kellen

out of enhancement so we can see it.
Can anyone confirm that the english wikibooks project requested
a Cookbook namespace ?

kellen wrote:

I'm Kellen from the Cookbook.

We'd like a proper namespace.

Sorry for the delay. I created the cookbook: namespace on enwikibooks.
There was 2444 conflicts in the database, they all got automaticly fixed.

Announced it in #wikibooks on freenode.

kellen wrote:

Reopening for related things:
Could we also get a bulk transfer of everything beginning with "Talk:Cookbook:"
into "Cookbook_talk:"? All old discussions are not linked from "discussion" on
Cookbook pages now.

Or should I open another bug for that? (Feel free to re-close if I should)

Also, I'm not sure if it's just the indexing, but a search on the Cookbook
namespace for "chocolate" returns nothing.

kellen wrote:

re-Closing per IRC conversations with hashar and brion. A new updating script
needs to be written (to move "Talk:Cookbook:___" to "Cookbook_talk:____")... or
for a one-time fix, we can have a move party or have a bot do it.

The new namespace code in the WIKIDATA branch includes a pseudonamespace
converter which can fix talk pages.