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InstantCommons doesn't display DjVu on some installs
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Reference the following examples:

DjVu files are not thumbnailing.
For file space, the description page is displaying but the image is replaced with a gray box and the words: "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to fetch XML for DjVu file". A similar result is obtained when the djvu is called inline as a
There is know documentation for this issue.

However, compare:

Use of DjVus on all Wikisources via InstantCommons is standard and does not exhibit this problem.

This issue has not been tested yet with pdfs or paged tiffs.

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Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:25 AM
bzimport added a project: MediaWiki-DjVu.
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Assigning to Antoine, as I think this is part of the ongoing beta cluster configuration.

The files are there. Looks like an issue with DjVuImage::retrieveMetaData(). That method relies on command line utilities to get metadata as a XML:

  • djvudump (output converted to XML)
  • djvutoxml

Looks like $wgDjvuDump is properly setup:

$ mwscript eval.php commonswiki

var_dump( $wgDjvuDump );

string(17) "/usr/bin/djvudump"

var_dump( $wgDjvuToXML );


The first utility seems to be indeed installed on beta apaches:

deployment-apache30:~$ djvudump
DJVUDUMP --- DjVuLibre-3.5.24
Describes DjVu and IFF85 files

Will need a bit more investigation.

So I eventually a call ForeignAPIFile->getMetaData() returns null. Need to find out why there is no metadata.

ForeignAPIFile does a query to the api.php, something like:

curl ''

The json returned does not have any metadata apparently:


"query": {
  "normalized": [{
    "from": "File:Alice_in_Wonderland.djvu",
    "to": "File:Alice in Wonderland.djvu"
  "pages": {
    "3567014": {
      "pageid": 3567014,
      "ns": 6,
      "title": "File:Alice in Wonderland.djvu",
      "imagerepository": "local",
      "imageinfo": [{
        "timestamp": "2007-10-01T21:06:20Z",
        "user": "Yann",
        "size": 3548027,
        "width": 2550,
        "height": 3562,
        "pagecount": 114,
        "comment": "
                      {Information\n|Description=Alice in Wonderland\n|Source=http:\/\/\/DjVu.htm\n|Date=1865\n|Author=Lewis Carroll\n|Permission=\n|other_versions=\n}
                  \n\n[[Category:En Wikisource book djvu]]\n",
        "url": "http:\/\/\/wikipedia\/commons\/2\/29\/Alice_in_Wonderland.djvu",
        "descriptionurl": "http:\/\/\/wiki\/File:Alice_in_Wonderland.djvu",
        "sha1": "0c0fff99f7c61272a602edb870ff59f3564e3723",
        "metadata": null,
        "mime": "image\/vnd.djvu"


Created attachment 10792
djvdump of the Alice .djvu file

djvdump of the Alice .. .djvu file from the Wikimedia apache server srv247.


Stepping out of this bug and bringing it back to the pool. I am totally unfamiliar with our image metadata system and the specific dejavu system.

Patch received a -1. Tpt, would you have time to rework your patch?

Change 99544 had a related patch set uploaded by Brian Wolff:
Make DjVu metadata be stored as serialized PHP array.

Change 24660 abandoned by Tpt:
(bug 37764) Allow imageInfo API query to give XML DJVU metadata

I5c1d2d2434f70b57137837bade797d4133c47b70 is a far better solution.

Adding bug 35925 (tracking), since this bug may block interested people to run Wikisource forks (DjVu is mostly used on Wikisource)

Change 99544 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make DjVu metadata be stored as serialized PHP array.

All patches mentioned in this report are either merged or abandoned - is there more work left to do here (if yes: please reset the bug report status to NEW or ASSIGNED), or can you close this ticket as RESOLVED FIXED?

No reply to comment 13 - assuming this bug is FIXED.
If that is not the case: Please reopen and elaborate what is left to do here to get this report fixed.