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Hide redirects from Special:Allpages
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Author: beesley

The list of all pages should include an option to hide the redirects. It may be
best to hide them by desult and display an "include redirects" link.

Reason for request

To aid cross-wiki editing on Wikicities, which has single login, I suggest users
link to their main talk page in their signature. However, to do this, they need
to redirect from [[Project:User talk:Name]] to [[User talk:Name]] on their home
wiki. This means the list of pages in the project namespace contains all these
user page redirects, which is not helpful.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Allpages explicitly includes redirects so that entries included under alternate names are findable in the alphabetical list.

It might be worthwhile to mark redirects in this list to make it explicit; if you think that would be worthwhile file an
enhancement request for that.

I'm not quite sure I understand how this redirecting business is being done; maybe there's a better way to accomplish that
that doesn't leave a bunch of redirect pages around?

gangleri wrote:

see alternavive requested at

bug 2318: "Special:Allpages should mark redirects distinctly"

I think the box should be checked by default.