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Article Feedback - 'View Activity' does not appear in Editor's view
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Screenshot of how this looks on my browser, logged in as editor

When logging in as an auto-confirmed editor, the 'View Activity' is not shown in the tools panel of the Feedback page. This label is missing whether or not feedback posts have activity associated with them, or have been featured. Also, two divider bars appear in that tools panel, when there should only be one below 'Feature this post'.

I can reproduce this bug with two separate editor accounts, on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If I switch to a monitor or oversighter account, the problem disappears, so it seems to be related to the editor mode.

This is a high priority bug, because it directly affects the editor group, which we are targeting for this wide release.

See attached screenshot.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major




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Created attachment 10811
Feedback page screenshot of editor's view.

Thanks for adding the 'View activity' back to the editor's view on the feedback page!

However, the editor's view still has problems that need to be fixed on prototype:

There are two horizontal dividers in the toolbox on the right, above 'View activity'. One of these dividers should be hidden, otherwise it makes it look like something's broken.

This is an important bug to fix today, if possible, prior to tomorrow's deployment. It is confusing for our primary target user -- and I cannot do the video screencasts without that fix.



Created attachment 10812
Screenshot of empty activity panel in Editor view

When I click on 'View Activity' in editor view on the feedback page, I cannot see any activity for posts that have received at least 3 flags for abuse.

Editors should be able to see all activity in this box, except oversight-related actions.


Created attachment 10813
Screenshot of Permalink page in Editor view, with no Info or Activity sections

When I click on 'Details' in editor view on the feedback page, I cannot see any Info or Activity sections at the bottom of the permalink page.

Editors should be able to see all info and activity in these sections, except oversight-related actions.


Updated & fixed an issue with unflagging as abuse (it would add an extra "flag" entry along with the "unflag" entry)

I noticed that marking an entry as helpful/unhelpful _does_ increase the counter (XX actions on this post), but is _not_ added to the log (and thus also prints no line in the activity pane) - is this intended, and if not, should it add a line to the activity log, or shouldn't it count towards the activity total.

Fix is on Gerrit ( & prototype.

Thanks, Matthias!

I can confirm that these issues were fixed in prototype. Makes a big difference!

Thanks as well for fixing the bug related to unflagging, which works as expected now.

Regarding your question about helpful/unhelpful, we had initially intended to increase the counter, but not print any lines to the Activity log, back when we were trying to push this through quickly.

Now that we are caught up, I would be prepared to show the Helpful/Unhelpful actions in the Activity log, but only if it doesn't introduce issues that would slow down performance, or require a DB schema change.

And any change like this would be for the next deployment, not this one ;o)

Pushed to Gerrit ( & prototype

Voting helpful will show up green
Voting unhelpful will show up red
Undoing your helpful/unhelpful vote will show up black (since your opinion seems to go back to neutral)

Meanwhile, refactored some code that looked like it could generate an incorrect count on the number of actions.

Created attachment 10824
Colors for helpful/unhelpful in activity log

See screenshot of the colors for helpful/unhelpful in activity log.
(Pay no attention to the incorrect count of actions taken on the item, this is now fixed)


Thanks, looks good.

Did this require any db schema change? will it affect performance in any significant way?

Thanks for the screenshot, which makes it easy to visualize.

Much appreciated!

Negative on both questions; impact is negligible

On permalink, when feedback has only been marked (un)helpful, the status says:
"There has been no activity on this post."

Marking something as helpful/unhelpful doesn't seem to update af_last_status/af_last_status_timestamp