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Article Feedback Page - New call to action below page title
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Mockup showing new text header for Feedback Page and Beta label

Below the title of the feedback page, let's change the text prompt to say:

'Please promote good feedback -- and help editors improve this article. Learn more >'

This would be in small, gray text, as shown in the attached mockup.

(It will replace the current sentence, which now says: 'This is a prototype, not a final product. Key features are still in development.')

The 'Learn more' link will go to the appropriate Help page for your user group, such as this one for editors:

The 'Help' link at the right of that top line will also link to the appropriate help page for your user group. But it now will go directly to this Feedback page anchor (instead of the top of the page, as it does now):

Lastly, if easy to do, please add a small gray 'BETA' label on the title line, either shortly after the title itself -- or better yet, right-aligned, if feasible, as shown in the attached mockup.

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I noticed that the copy on prototype is different than proposed above. Instead of 'others', it should say 'editors', as so:

'Please promote good feedback -- and help editors improve this article. Learn more >'

Now that I think more about it, this shorter version would be even better:

'Please promote good feedback and help improve this article. Learn more >'

Also want to remind you that we will need to update the messages on production after deployment, so that the beta label shows up, instead of the garbled code we now see on prototype (<articleFeedbackv5-beta-label>).

My bad on the different copy (hand-copied it from the mockup & missed a word)

Updated to new, shorter copy now - pushed to Gerrit ( & prototype