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Article Feedback - Bucketing for CTAs
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We need a way to bucket CTAs when we start wider deployment of AFT5 in early July.

The bucketing logic will determine which CTA to show to users after they post their feedback, based on selection rules and parameters stored in the config file.

Here are the CTAs we want to bucket, with their recommended parameters (% of total):

  • CTA 1 Edit = 50%
  • CTA 2 Learn = 10%
  • CTA 4 Login = 20%
  • CTA 5 Comments = 20%

Once a CTA is selected, we need to check that it is OK to display it, by following these basic rules:

  • If user is logged in ==> don't show CTA 4 Login
  • If user is editor ==> don't show CTA 1 Edit -- or CTA 2 Learn
  • If page is protected or semi-protected ==> don't show CTA 1 Edit

If any of these rules require that the selected CTA be skipped, the selection process should start over again, using the same overall odds, until a suitable CTA has been selected.

Note that the net effect of these rules are that logged in editors will only see CTA5 Comments -- while anonymous users are more likely to see CTA1 Edit, or a variety of options.

If it's helpful, we could specify percentages for each condition group.

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