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Enable Extension:GoogleNewsSitemap on es wikinews
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Author: lmmadrigal

Hey. I do not speak English very well so I will the order in Spanish. I hope can be addressed.

La comunidad de Wikinoticias en Español decidió que, para evitar mayores problemas con el servicio RSS en Twitterfeed y nuestras redes sociales, en especial Twitter. Se instale la extensión

Pueden ver la votación en el Café de Wikinoticias

Saludos y gracias

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Severity: enhancement



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It seems Luis would like the GoogleNewsSitemap extension installed on eswikinews. I don't think this extension has been reviewed and approved for WMF deployment though.

The commit log suggests it has been enabled on WMF in the past during the 1.18wmf1 cycle:;a=shortlog;a=commitdiff;h=ec4b5335280cd3b7af064b08eea67c76d702f6c1

Sam Reed
PHP fatal error in /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.18/extensions/GoogleNewsSitemap/FeedSMItem.php line 91: <br/> Call to a member function getPrefixedDBKey() on a non-object

I'm not sure whether it was enabled on a public wiki though.

Bug 29563 states that this is extension is deployed on fa.wikinews already.
Could this request be revised?

Not sure why I thought it wasn't okay... Config shows this is on enwikinews, fawikinews, ptwikinews and testwiki.

Committed Gerrit Change I7fb0e77d.

Note that there are some special configurations regarding the extension itself, namely $wgGNSMfallbackCategory and $wgGNSMcommentNamespace, though I believe there isn't such a need. Please comment on this bug or file a separate bug report to change those values for eswikinews. Thanks.

Resolving this bug as the extension is deployed. Please file a new bug if you intend to configure $wgGNSMfallbackCategory and $wgGNSMcommentNamespace for eswikinews. Thank you.