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Data Item DOM for description & aliases should be integrated into existing DOM properly
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Right now we we are having quite a mess with how we have positioned different parts of the items which are placed around the heading. All parts (except for the heading which is fine) are placed beneath #bodyContent > #contentSub which is a bad thing since #contentSub is the part displayed beneath the pages title sometimes. It also creates a gap which we suppressed so far, but can't do that anymore since it would look strange on the diff site. Also, if there would ever be any information be displayed in the #contentSub on our Items page, this would break the layout since the information would be there in-between heading and description.
One more site-effect we could achieve by solving this would be that we could finally use the original separator line which is displayed under the title (right now we are creating our own one as workaround) - that would also be a benefit when supporting several different skins.

Here is what I think would solve the problem best:
Displaying the description above the #bodyContent but beneath the h1 heading. The aliases we would display either within #bodyContent > #contentSub or we would create another node above #contentSub or probably even better, above #siteSub.
#siteSub by the way displays the "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" part in the English wikipedia which is displayed beneath the line under the page title as well. So in case there will be something like a "From Wikidata, the free data store", it would be best to go for the above #siteSub solution.

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I have introduced a new node to the vector and monobook skins, it is within the h1 now. See

The node is WITHIN the h1 because when adding it next to the h1, css changes are inevitable (moving the line under the heading to the top of the #bodyContent). This would require hundreds of wikipedias to change their portal page because the line would be visible there while the h1 is hidden. Also users hiding this line would have to adjust their custom css.

Implement the changes as decided in bug 39175.

Verified in Wikidata demo time for sprint 12