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Source code highlighting confused in diff view
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It starts about in the middle of the file and syntax coloring must be enabled.

I guess this is caused by the heredoc being hidden as common lines.

It's not about being hidden. It's just getting confused at the heredoc.

I filed this bug upstream almost 3 weeks ago. Resolving LATER until something happens there.

Switching from LATER to the second most relevant resolution for fear of information loss.

Both upstream and up-upstream bugs are still open; I can't actually see the bug myself but it's probably me.

Cannot spot anything strange in either.
<<< (heredoc) is used in lines 95 and 233 but nothing weird visible.

Nikkerabit: Do you remember what the problem was? (Screenshots welcome.)

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Example from URL

As I said it was just me. :) Seen on Firefox and Chrome, as explained on : after $box = <<<EOT (and actually even starting a bit before it), everything is treated as a single string so all colours get lost; compare for instance the lines selected in the screenshot.


WrongColours.png (768×1 px, 92 KB)

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Pretty sure this is all better now.