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User/Group control on a per document basis
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Author: bdaszyns

This is more of a feature request. Something others and I have talked about is having some type of
user and group control on a per document basis. In other words, for a particular page, article,
etc. only certain users or groups could view it, only certain users or group could edit it, etc.
Has this been considered by any of the developers yet? Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement



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stephanie wrote:

Reopen - This doesn't specify how this was resolved - there's a "fixed"
resolution but no indication if, how, or when it was fixed.

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

Has this been considered by any of the developers yet? Thanks.

Yes, Google around. Per-page access control is not something we want to
implement in MediaWiki, so I'm afraid the resolution here, as it has been in
numerous other places, will be WONTFIX.

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