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Swap gitweb for GitBlit
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Gitweb is ugly and cluttered. Cgit is much cleaner and seems more intuitive. It also has a treeview \o/

Gerrit supports cgit out of the box, so it should be a simple config change + a package install.

Will also need to adjust the /gitweb/ redirects I made.

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We're going to use GitBlit:

Just need to package it up and get it configured (once the gerrit manifest is in working order).

I ran into bug 39430 today. What's the status of this bug?

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I ran into bug 39430 today. What's the status of this bug?

Waiting on someone upstream to finish their gitblit plugin (which should be almost done, iirc). Out of the box Gitblit won't suit our needs since it doesn't respect Gerrit's ACLs.

I was going to file a bug to enable syntax highlighting in gitweb, but says "Syntax highlighting for popular source code types". Hooray!

If and when this is ready, I can update some wiki templates on

Yep. I've been testing out the plugin and it seems to work well. As soon as we upgrade to 2.5 we'll install the plugin.

We've got the plugin in place

Couple of rough edges that should be smoothed over before we make it the default viewer. is now live. Gerrit points to it all over the place now. Will get apache rewrite rules in place for the old gitweb urls.