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hy.wikiquote logo replacement
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Author: jrvezh

Please replace the existing logo for the Armenian Wikiquote (hy.wikiquote) with this version:

A discussion about the project's logo has been open since December 2010 at Wikiquote's Village pump:

In which there have been only three participants and two submissions. All three agreed that the above submission was preferrable to the other one, though if there's a better version in the future, it may be replaced. There were no objections.

Thank you in advance.

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Gerrit change 15730

Added shell keyword because a shell user will be needed to deploy this.

jrvezh wrote:

It seems that someone mistakenly replaced the logo for the Armenian Wikisource instead of replacing the logo for the Armenian Wikiquote. Please change the logo of the Armenian Wikisource back to the previous version. The above request is for replacing the logo of Armenian WIKIQUOTE (

Thank you.

Yes, I realised that an hour and a half ago when I verified that a couple of my other config changes had worked. Very embarrassing. I've put up a fix in Gerrit change 15807. My apologies to the hywikisource community.

jrvezh wrote:

That's ok, we all make mistakes. Thank you for fixing it :)

jrvezh wrote:

Any progress on this issue? Both Wikisource and Wikiquote are still showing the wrong logo.

Make sure you clear your browser's cache.

jrvezh wrote:

All working. Thank you :)