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Upload button is only partially clickable when wgHtml5 == false
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screenshot of context

This is a follow up to

The behavior has indeed improved after the fix mentioned in the latest comments there.

However on Safari 5.1.7 (Mac OS X), it is still not fully resolved. I have attached a screenshot. The blue highlight shown in the screenshot corresponds to the input element wrapped in the div button, as the safari element inspector understands it.

My button is only clickable in the area where the blue highlight and the div of the visual button, overlap. This means that the bottom 20% of my (visual) button does not behave as a button.

Version: master
Severity: normal


Screen_Shot_2012-07-18_at_12.51.24.png (218×770 px, 61 KB)



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Traced to wgHtml5 == false on wmf wikis.

$wgHtml5 has been removed in MediaWiki 1.22. Is this bug still applicable?

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since everything is now html5, no, this is no longer an issue.