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Author: xensyria

Gadelica gaelic font

As per the discussion [ here], a Gaelic script WebFont is needed and lacking.

The author of the [ Gadelica] font (which suits our needs perfectly) has given permission for the font to be used for this, as long as the font is not changed, and there are no requests for payment involved in its redistribution.

A copy of his email allowing this is pasted below (which is in Irish; my name and email address have been replaced with "xensyria" and "xensyria@email" respectively), and the font is attached.

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A chara:

Táim lánsásta cead a thabhairt duit (nó do dhuine ar bith eile) Gadelica
a chur in oiriúint mar chló gréasáin (web font), ach amháin go gcloífear
leis na coinníollacha a leag mé síos cheana, is é sin nach ndéanfar aon
athrú don chló agus nach n-iarrfar íocaíocht air.

Le dea-ghuí,

Séamas Ó Brógáin

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Severity: enhancement


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xensyria wrote:

By "permission for the font to be used for this", I mean the conditions set out at [,%20languages%20and%20translations] that it be allowed to be redistributed, and converted into other formats. Note that the font is already free.

A quick (Google) translation of his reply into English is as follows:


I am happy to allow you (or anyone else) Gadelica
adapt as network printing (web font), except that compliance
with the conditions I set out earlier, namely that no
not change the font and requests for payment on it.

With best wishes,

Séamas Ó Brógáin

This license is not open enough. Have a look at WONTFIX.

xensyria wrote:

Must the font use the SIL license?

If not, what are the requirements that the author has not permitted?

The WebFont article says "The font license must allow redistributing the font and converting it to another formats." which the author has allowed.

SIL OFL licene is one of the popular llicenses used by free(dom) fonts. We can allow fonts with compatible licenses. But problem with Gadelica are these:

  1. It is a freeware and not "Free Software". The font restricts the freedom to modify and improve. It restricts fixing bugs.(see
  2. The restrictions are set by the font author in email when asked explicitly. But the exact license conditions are not documented anywhere as far as I searched. The license/copyright fields inside the true type font is empty(verified using the font editor fontforge).
  3. The font is not version controlled and it does not have an issue tracker. Fixing issue or enhancement not permitted a per the email from author.

I am happy to work with the author to fix these, if the font author is willing to do so.
Otherwise, we need to find out alternate fonts

"namely that no not change the font and requests for payment on it."- This google translation is confusing to me. I understand it like "do not modify and do not sell for money" and my above reply is based on that.

The font mentioned here cannot be used because it's not appropriately Free, but having a Gaelic-styled web font would be a useful feature for relevant articles. Reopening as a low-priority enhancement in ULS.

Marking lowest enhancement because we're filtering those out in triages.

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