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Change the "what's this?" link
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for oversighters, monitors and editors, can we have the "what's this?" link on the feedback form point to please?

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It appears that we changed the wrong link, judging from what is there on prototype.

The 'Learn more' link on the 'What's this?' flyover for the feedback FORM should be linking to the AFT landing page on en-wiki ( ), instead of linking to the help page, as it does now ( ).

Conversely, the 'Learn more' link on the feedback PAGE should go back to the way it used to be, linking to the help pages, not the landing page (because they provide more info on how to use the feedback page.)

In other words, link to the landing page from the feedback form, but link to the help page from the feedback pages.


After refreshing my cache on prototype, then clicking on 'Learn more' as a monitor on the feedback page, I am still directed to this landing page URL:

I was expecting to be directed to the help page for monitors, jumping to the feedback page section:

This seems to work well now on both 'Learn more' and 'Help' on the feedback page on Safari and Chrome.

However, when I click on 'Help' in Firefox for Golden Crowned Sparrow, I get this URL:<articlefeedbackv5-help-tooltip-page-editors>#Feedback_page

I can reproduce this issue on Firefox from this page:

Looks like a cache issue: <articlefeedbackv5-help-tooltip-page-editors> is the previous message label (being referenced in the old javascript who's cache seems to persist)

I'm gonna ignore this for now, since it works fine here, in both your other browsers, and it appears to be a purely cache-related issue.