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RTL issues with forms
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Author: OsamaK.WFM


Special page forms are currently not properly shown in right-to-left interfaces (languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi) . In the attachment, you can see a screenshot where the list box of "Term" is actually the list of institutions.

The screenshot is for the following page:

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Normal.Nov 22 2014, 12:48 AM
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If I understand the problem correctly, you say that the labels "Institution", "Term" and "Status" appear near wrong fields. This is very easy to fix by translating these messages to the needed languages in The messages in question are epcoursepager-filter-org-id, epcoursepager-filter-term and epcoursepager-filter-status.

There are other problems, like showing LTR names of institutions as RTL. Adding dir="auto" to <td class="TablePager_col_name"> should be a safe way to address this (currently it will only work in Webkit, but should work in Mozilla 16 or 17).

OsamaK.WFM wrote:

Thank you, Amir. It seems that the original bug report was invalid. I tried to translate the fields using Firebug and there wasn't really an RTL issue, it looked wrong just because it was in English.

The other issue should be solved.

Per previous comment, fixed