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Problem with hidden feedback overlay
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There is an issue with AFTv5 that affects a few users who are Oversighters. I think I've narrowed the issue far enough that we can ask if it is being caused by how ResourceLoader or something is handling javascript in a particular situation.

It has been seen in Firefox, Chrome, and IE9, in Vector and Monobook skins.
I have tried to reproduce the issue using one user's custom javascript and gadgets and not succeeded. However, I can reproduce the behavior by disabling javascript in the browser.

What happens is this: on the detail view of a particular post, such as, these few users do not see the blue javascript overlay that says "This post #170,903 was hidden by Llywrch 28 minutes ago.View contents".

Instead they see the post itself, but all of the controls on the right side like Feature, Unhide are not active.

My theory is that the user would have had to have clicked "View contents" in order to activate the right side controls, but since the javascript for the blue overlay with that link never appears, the controls are not active.

So the question is: what would prevent serving the javascript that creates the blue overlay and the "View contents" link from being served in some few cases?

Note: we checked to see if it was only hidden posts detail view with "Oversight requested" or if it is all hidden posts, and it is definitely all hidden posts, for these few users.

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I have significant documentation about js and gadgets in use by this small set of users, but could not reproduce the issue as myself, even with the same js/gadgets in place in my own preferences

Chris: I've updated the way the overlay is being added - not sure if this fixes the issue since we're not able to reproduce this, so could you ask any of the persons reporting the problem clear their browser cache and have them test on ?

I just added Roan Kattouw and Ryan Kaldari to the Cc: list for this issue, in case it is related to the Resource Loader bug that is now blocking our progress on New Pages Feed project.

No, the RL bug related to New Pages Feed is specific to Firefox.

OK, thanks. I am removing you guys from the Cc: list after this response.

More info:

Same distribution of working/not working for me as before - the filters work at but not at subpages of that like . I can oversight from the main list (or a filter thereof) at but not from a piece of feedback's details view (i.e. ) or from a subpage like .

I've fixed a problem with the hide overlay in IE7, where it would not appear upon hiding feedback - pushed to Gerrit ( & prototype.
I doubt that this will be what is causing the "oversighter-issue" though, as it should only have been problematic on IE7, plus because it appears that "the issue" is caused by something completely causing javascript to stop executing at some point.

This initial problem has since been confirmed to be solved.