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Enable Page Curation on en.wikisource
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Author: Birgitte_SB

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Consensus found at:

I expect we will need some tweaks for deletion etc. but the basics should very similar. Patrolling alone is worth the install even if the other pieces don't exactly fit.

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Wtf? Why is this set to iOS/Safari? That's not relevant at all to this request. Removed.

It's great to see non-enwp enthusiasm for this :). I'll let you guys know as soon as we're in a final state and can begin throwing it out to other projects.

Closed as RESO LATER per comment #2. says it's experimental but comments in show it's deployed on en.wp, also :
'wmgEnablePageTriage' => array(
'default' => false,
'testwiki' => true,
'test2wiki' => true,
'enwiki' => true,

Hence I'm reopening this - if there are reasons NOT to deploy this on other wikisites then they should be stated somewhere (e.g. Extension homepage).

Then I'll go note them. The reason not to deploy it right now is that substantial chunks of the config are enwiki-specific, and duplicating them across projects will take some time. I'm going to close this as later, and then add "writing up what we need to change and sending it to the devs for whenever they're ready" to my to-do list for this week.

Thanks for clarifying.
[Reopening as the LATER resolution is deprecated, see - feel free to either WONTFIX or to keep open with lowest prio]

As this is a request (enable the config) with a blocker (make Page Curation less en.wikipedia-centric, more wiki agnostic), please let this bug open, and consider to create as dependency a new bug to improve Page Curation extension.

So, just a quick update: I'm writing up what would be necessary to deploy on wikisource as we speak :). It's primarily a working document so we can think internally about how we write software, but I am hoping it can be put into practical use.

Okay, second update; it's a much bigger task than we'd anticipated :/. I've written up said working document, but I'm really not sure when we can work on it. I agree with Dereckson that we need to make our software much more agnostic.

Oliver, did you publish the said working document?

(In reply to John Mark Vandenberg from comment #10)

Oliver, did you publish the said working document?

Yep - just republished at for easy access.

The team eventually decided to go with building systems in a more modular way and relying on some kind of workflow system, which I /think/ was factored into/included in Flow, but don't know for sure (I shifted from the editor engagement team to R&D about 6 months ago)

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@MJL: Removing All-and-every-Wikisource. Please see its description: "Please do not report language specific tasks under this project (e.g. for en.wikisource)." Thanks :)

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This is seven years old, and could not been given to reflect the current Wikisource consensus. Closing as no longer a requirement of the community.