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Add "external links"/"external tools" section to MediaWiki's info action
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MediaWiki's info action should have a customizable "external links" section (blank by default, I guess) where users can add links to outside services, preferably with the ability to pass the page title in those links.

For example, with ?title=Barack_Obama&action=info, you might have an external links section that includes:

This can be implemented with $1 variables that can be substituted in a MediaWiki message or perhaps with magic words such as {{PAGENAME}} or {{FULLPAGENAMEE}} or whatever. I'm not sure if magic words currently work with ?action=info.

Adding an external links section would allow us to move certain links to external services (such as "number of watchers") from ?action=history to ?action=info, where the links are much more logically suited.

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Reedy added a comment.Aug 19 2012, 8:55 PM
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madman.enwiki wrote:

Isn't this a dupe of bug 38556? If header and footer sections are added, then implementers can decide what they want there, including external links. (Will make sure messages are parsed as wikitext.)

madman.enwiki wrote:

Per conversation with MZMcBride.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 38556 ***