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Size of changes - minus-sign instead of hyphen
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In the version history of articles, mediawiki displays the size of changes in bytes. When the size of the change is negative, currently a hyphen-minus U+2010 (‐) is used. The correct sign would be the minus-sign U+2212 (−).

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Jogo.obb created this task.Jul 22 2012, 4:46 PM

We are using - (hyphen-minus, U+002D) not ‐ (hyphen, U+2010). I'm not sure there's a benefit of using − (minus signm U+2212), given that hyphen-minus can work as a minus and is ASCII compatible.

The code to change would be Language::formatNum() at line 2881 of Language.php

mr.heat wrote:

Set priority to "normal" per user request. I can confirm the current character is wrong. It's a common replacement for the minus sign but since we are using Unicode anyway I don't see a strong reason why the history and diff pages need to be ASCII compatible. They aren't anyway.

mr.heat wrote:

It seems $wgMiserMode is the reason why the character is wrong.

So basically the bug is that {{formatnum:-12345}} prints negative numbers with the wrong minus character. Why is that? Bug 8327 is closed as "wontfix" without providing a proper reason.

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