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MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-error-abuse prevents localisation
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Gerrit change 15708 injected the URL in the message. This makes it impossible to translate this message properly (either you link to English from non-English message or you drop the link), local configuration should be separate from message language.

Version: master
Severity: normal



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I'm not sure how to go about this another way; should I get it out of that message and into a separate message, or did I misunderstand what you're saying?

Since it looks like that message is parsed as wikitext you can do like this:

'articlefeedbackv5-error-abuse' => 'Your post has been rejected by a software
filter that suggests it may have violated the [$1 feedback guidelines] of {{SITENAME}}. Please revise your post and try again.',
'some-other-message' => '//'

Then you need to do something similar to:
$target = wfMessage( 'some-other-message' )->inContentLanguage()->plain();
$output = wfMessage( 'articlefeedbackv5-error-abuse', $target )->parse();

This way each wiki can overwrite 'some-other-message' locally, while the actual message is shown in the user language.

Should also include message documentation that these two messages are related in a way.

I think you already started going this way, but I hope this helps.